Clyde Hall was originally used as a Baptist Church and built in c.1886, in the ecclesiastical style for that period. As far as is known, in the 1960s it was acquired by a Christian holiday camp organisation and used mainly for administration purposes, although regular church services have taken place in the Main Hall on Sundays and Wednesdays. Surrey Opera has used Clyde Hall for rehearsals and auditions throughout the past twenty years and continues to do. It is suitable for rehearsals for orchestra, chamber groups, opera companies, theatre companies, auditions, church meetings, fitness classes and much more. Chairs, table and a piano are available if desired.

history_photo_1Street party at Clyde Hall VJ Day, 22 September 1945. Photo: © Barbara Broughton







history_photo_2The wedding reception of Betty and Gerald Houston, December 1970. Betty and Gerald were the last couple to be married in the adjoining Congregational Church in Canning Road before it was demolished. Photo: Betty and Gerald Houston.